October 2nd, 2017

Tim Rogers of Barrow & Grimm, P.C. Receives The TCBA’s President’s Award

Tim Rogers of Barrow & Grimm, P.C. recently received the TCBA’s President’s Award for his tireless efforts in support of the Tulsa Count Bar Association. In honoring Tim with the award TCBA President Matt Farris wrote:

When Tim agreed to serve as chair of the TCBA Special Events Committee, I knew that particular committee was in for a great year.  Tim and I worked together at the same law firm when Tim graduated from law school. As I recall, I provided Tim with great wisdom and counsel as he began his now flourishing legal career [author’s note – Tim’s recollection may differ].  Despite this possible discrepancy, what I do know for sure is that Tim is intelligent, hard working, and an all-around great guy who agreed to serve the TCBA without reservation.

Below is a recap of Tim’s hard work as chair of the Special Events Committee:

October 4, 2016          –           Oklahoma City Thunder Game at BOK Center
November 5, 2016      –           Tulsa Symphony’s Raiders of the Lost Ark Center
December 11, 2016     –           Tulsa Ballet’s The Nutcracker
January 21, 2017         –           Tulsa Oilers Game
February 25, 2017       –           Tulsa Opera’s PUCCINI to POP
March 2, 2017             –           TU Law Talent Show
April 22, 2017             –           University of Tulsa Cane Crawl (a collaboration with TCBA Young Lawyers Division)
May 13, 2017              –           Tulsa Roughnecks Game
October 3, 2017          –           Oklahoma City Thunder at BOK Center
August 15, 2017           –         TCBA members received complimentary tickets to support a Comedy Night f/b/o the Judge Carlos Chappelle Scholarship Fund|

I have been on the TCBA Board of Directors since 2011, and I have never seen this committee so active. Well done, Tim! Your TCBA President’s award was well-earned.


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