Labor & Employment

The firm offers a comprehensive range of services in the labor and employment law field, from advice on human resources questions to representation in class action lawsuits. The firm mixes the experience of its senior partners with that of knowledgeable associate attorneys to provide its business clients with the best possible service at a reasonable price. Our labor and employment law section includes a former head of the OBA’s Labor and Employment Law Section, a former Tulsa County judge, and a former president of the Tulsa County Bar Association.

Business clients often find that the best money they can spend with the firm is to obtain advice and counsel on a difficult personnel situation before acting. The firm’s attorneys regularly counsel large and small clients on how to reach their objectives with employees without running afoul of the comprehensive laws governing the workplace.

Administrative Agencies
The firm’s labor and employment lawyers regularly practice before the state and federal agencies which administer workplace laws. These agencies include the U.S. and Oklahoma Departments of Labor, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the Oklahoma Human Rights Commission (OHRC), and the Occupational Safety and Health Commission (OSHA). The firm has found that success at the administrative agency level often can head-off a potential lawsuit.

Employment Litigation
The firm’s employment lawyers have tried to a jury every type of claim which can be brought against an employer – discrimination based on race, sex, religion, color, national origin, age, and disability. They have also defended against the myriad of state law claims which can be brought against an employer – defamation, intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress, breach of contract, discharge in violation of public policy, failure to pay wages allegedly owed and others. The broad experience of the firm’s lawyers allows them to accurately assess the best defense to present, and how to best present the defense. The firm is capable of handling every litigation need, whether it is a single employee with a small claim or a class action seeking a huge recovery.

Wage & Hour Representation
The nation’s wage and hour laws are extremely complex and are often outside the understanding of even experienced labor and employment lawyers. However, the firm’s labor and employment lawyers regularly advise companies on the requirements and prohibitions of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and the Oklahoma Wage laws. The firm’s attorneys have handled every type of wage and hour claim, from a complaint to management, to a claim before the Oklahoma Department of Labor, to a collective action case in federal courts. The firm’s labor and employment lawyers are ready to handle all of a company’s needs for advice and representation in this complex field.

Construction Labor and Employment
The firm has a substantial and active construction law section, and construction law brings its own set of unique issues and problems. The labor and employment lawyers of the firm work closely with the construction attorneys to address the problems which commonly arise in the construction industry, including defeating union organizing campaigns, defending discrimination and harassment lawsuits, handling OSHA inspection and citations, defending against NLRB alleged unfair labor practices and handling “separate gate” and injunction issues.

Employee Handbooks
Employee Handbooks can be a valuable source of information for employees and protection for a company against claims of a breach of contract, of benefits not paid, and of extra compensation due. The firm’s lawyers have extensive experience in drafting employee handbooks which benefit employees and protect the company from expensive claims and litigation.

Drug and Alcohol Testing
Drug and alcohol use in the workplace continues to be a major cause of lost productivity and avoidable accidents. However, Oklahoma employers can only test for drugs and alcohol use if they have adopted a written policy containing specific standards and mandated practices. The Oklahoma drug testing law was recently amended and includes new provisions which all employers will want to add to their drug and alcohol testing policy. The firm’s employment lawyers can assist your company in establishing its first drug and alcohol testing policy, or help in amending your existing policy – both at a reasonable cost.

The labor and employment lawyers of the firm regularly make presentations to industry groups, and offers training to management and line supervision to help them comply with ever-expanding and changing laws and regulations. A supervisor can manage within the bounds of the law only when he or she knows what the law requires. Training of supervisors and management is an excellent way to bring to your organization the best practices for management, and to avoid creating legal issues.

Barrow & Grimm is proud to offer services of the attorneys listed below that have a concentrated education and experience in this field.  Choosing to work with any of these Barrow and Grimm attorneys assures that you are working with a seasoned expert in this particular field.

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