Energy/Oil & Gas Law


The energy industry is complex and so are its legal matters.  The attorneys of Barrow & Grimm have extensive knowledge of the law as it relates to all types of issues arising in the area of oil and gas.  The firm has advised clients in a wide variety of legal matters unique to the energy industry, including, sales and acquisition, leasing, exploration / production, royalty / surface damage, pipelines / gathering systems, transaction financing and tax matters. With a strong commitment to client service and a deep understanding of the industry, Barrow & Grimm offers sophisticated legal solutions for the energy industry.

Barrow & Grimm’s knowledgeable energy law attorneys, can help address a wide variety of energy related issues, including:

Barrow & Grimm is proud to offer services of the attorneys listed below that have a concentrated education and experience in this field.  Choosing to work with any of these Barrow and Grimm attorneys assures that you are working with a seasoned expert in this particular field.

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